Yra Prekyboje Multimetras Mastech MAS830BC

Multimetras Mastech MAS830BC

  • Gamintojas: Mastech
  • Prekės kodas: 0035
  • Prieinamumas: Yra Prekyboje
  • 19.00€
  • Be PVM: 15.70€

Prekės aprašymas

  • Measures AC and DC voltage
  • Lock measured values

Digital multimeter with manual setting. 

Measures direct and alternating voltage (max. 300 V), direct current (max. 10 A) and resistance (max. 2 MΩ). 

Can measure voltage drops across semiconductors (eg diode). 

Possibility to lock measured value. 

Safety class: Cat. 3 (300 V). 

Comes with measuring probes and 1x 9V battery. 

Dimensions: 76x145x40 mm.

Žymos: Multimetras, Mastech